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With the highest per capita risk of life changing injury or death, agricultural accidents make farming the most dangerous profession in the developed world. Every year more than 100 people on average die in agricultural related accidents in Canada, with machinery related injuries being the most common. A much higher rate of life altering injury occurs, but is commonly brushed aside as a natural part of the job.

Small town Zurich native TJ Klopp comes from generations of farmers. As long as he can remember, all he's wanted to do is farm. After working on his family farm in his childhood and into his teen years, attending school for agricultural studies, and eventually purchasing a farm of his own, TJ has established a solid business.

Just last fall during harvest, TJ was caught in an inadequately shielded PTO shaft, and his leg was broken - but he was extremely lucky, PTO shaft injuries often result in limb amputation and death. Although the road to recovery was long, his community and his family worked hard to help him keep his farm running, and he's made a full recovery. Every day since his accident last fall, TJ has continued to put his life put at risk to perform a job that we take for granted on a daily basis, working as a cash crop, cattle and pig farmer. He has a passion for locally produced products, and partners with many small businesses to put food on the tables of his community.

​After being seriously injured doing the thing that he loves, how has TJ's perspective changed? What changes has he made to make his farm safer for himself and his family?

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Film Updates

Ag and Art Film Festival

Official Selection

Forest City Film Festival

Official Selection - Short Documentary

Screening was held online worldwide October 21st 2020.

Best Transmedia Nominee

Sheridan College Screen Arts Awards

Best Cinematography Nominee

Sheridan College Screen Arts Awards

We are currently exploring other avenues for distribution 

Thank you for your continued patience and support.

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The Team


Samantha van der Bent


Samantha is in her third year of the Film and Television program at Sheridan College and is honoured to be the director of AgriCulture. Born and raised in the small town of New Dundee, Samantha spent her spare time playing with the millions of barn cats she had on the farm. Coming to Oakville she realized how different living is for people in “the city” - she rode the bus for the first time ever in 2018!

She is glad to be able to show the realities of farm life to the people who don’t know what working on a farm is like. She is happy to bring awareness, and also bring a little bit of home to film.

Favourite farm thing: Fresh Country Air… and cats, of course!

Young Female

Bailey Regier

Producer / Writer

Bailey is a Zurich native and third year Bachelor of Film and Television student majoring in editing and screenwriting. Through conversation with her urban born peers, she has realised that the rural culture is radically different than the one she finds herself in when she’s away at school.

She embraces this chance to return to her roots, and to talk about rural issues - which are close to her heart and are rarely covered by mainstream media in a serious, and realistic manner.

Favourite farm thing: seeing the stars so clearly you can see where the Milky Way is.

Young female

Katerina Melohe


Katerina is a third year bachelor of film and television student from the not so small town of Whitby, Ontario. She is majoring in editing and producing, and hopes to continue working in documentary as it is important that personal stories be told. ​

Favourite farm thing: The Sunset

Young female

Jade McKenna

Director of Photography

Jade is from the small town of Utopia and a third-year Bachelor of Film and Television student. She is still trying to navigate urban living, though she has successfully figured out public transportation.

After her degree she hopes to continue working in documentary.

Favourite farm thing: the peace, quiet, and pitch black nights.

Young male

James Italiano

Gaffer / 1st AC

James is a third year Bachelor of Film and Television student. He is majoring in Directing, and Cinematography.

James started his passion for filmmaking when he was 10 years old and has been living the dream ever since. 

Favourite farm thing: ​cows

Young male

Jack Madden

2nd AC / Behind the Scenes Photographer

Jack Madden is a third year Bachelor of Film and Television student at Sheridan ITAL. An Oakville native currently residing in burlington, Jack has never lived in the countryside. However, he often ventures to those areas to explore. Jack is working to bring to light the behind the scenes work of this documentary through photos and videos. 

Favourite farm thing: the absence of people


Stuart Perkes

Picture Editor

Stuart is a third year bachelor of film and television student at Sheridan college majoring in both picture editing and writing. Coming from a small town himself Stuart immediately identified with the themes and story that AgriCulture presents throughout the runtime of the short doc.

His interest in editing started around 2014 with his start of his own personal YouTube channel where he would put together videos using windows movie maker.

Favourite farm thing: ​the peace, quiet, and solitude that the country life gives you.    


Edward Lim

Assistant Picture Editor

Edward is a second year Bachelor of Film and Television student from Richmond Hill majoring in cinematography and picture editing. Growing up in around farmland as well as being someone with unique dietary needs it is important to support honest agriculture.

Favourite farm thing: the huge fields.

Young Male

Neal Shakyaver

Location Sound Mixer / Supervising Sound Mixer

Neal is a third year Bachelor of Film and Television student majoring in sound design and mixing. 

Born in the heart of Toronto, he has lived in the Greater Toronto Area his entire life. Neal has an appreciation for country life and the work farmers put in every day to keep cities alive, and has always admired the rural way of life.

Favourite farm thing: ​hearing the animals at night. 

Young female

Lauren Neeson

Sound Designer and Foley Artist

Lauren is a third year Film and television student, hailing from the more rural area of the GTA. While she comes from a town surrounded by farmland, living in a more suburban city has definitely brought more of an understanding and admiration for country life.

Favourite farm thing: ​being awake just before dawn and the rest of the world.

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